Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to make Strawberry Leaf Tea

Strawberry Leaf Tea is a real, old-fashioned infusion given to folk recovering from an illness, especially children with whom it is particularly popular.

To make the infusion or tisane, you must pick only the young leaves that are in a good condition; if the plants are flowering at the time, so much the better as the flavour seems more intense.  Leaves from the plants of wild or alpine strawberries have the best flavour of all but the humble, garden-grown strawberry plant will do just as well.  And making the tea is simplicity itself:
  • First of all, carefully pick-over the leaves that you have harvested and discard any with the slightest signs of blight or mould.  Then, rinse the rest carefully in clean water.
  • Into a cup, place a couple of your leaves and then pour over boiling water.  Cover the cup with its saucer and then leave it to steep or infuse for about five minutes before you fish them out.  And don’t forget to allow it to cool a little before attempting to drink it!
The flavour is quite distinct and I can only think to call it slightly musky, so if you prefer, you can sweeten it with a little honey.  Either way, it makes a lovely, refreshing change, although if you're one of those unfortunate people with a sensitivity to strawberries, it might be wise to avoid drinking the tea.